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Nutritional Benefits or Our Superfood Ingredients

Raw local honey  (Unfiltered & Pure)

Richest source of living and healing enzymes, proven to boost energy, regulates blood sugar, increases athletic endurance, contains antibacterial properties, relieves countless disorders.


Raw Cacao Powder  (Organic & Raw)

Contains the happy chemical, “phenyl-ethyl-amine”, the same chemical our body produce when we fall in love. Contains a high concentrate of antioxidants.


Raw Cacao Butter  (Organic & Raw)

Rich in fatty acids & antioxidants known to reduce inflammation.

Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.


Sunflower seeds  (Organic & Raw)

Promotes healthy thyroid function and balances blood sugar levels.

Supports healthy skin all the way down to the bones and almost everything in between!


Coconut Oil  (Organic & Raw)

The worlds healthiest source of fat, converting to energy quickly in the body & promoting weight loss.

The perfect brain food, boosts metabolism, aids digestion, super alkaline, the perfect fuel for athletes.

Has amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.


Goji Berries  (Organic & Raw)

High source of protein - containing all the essential amino acids. Boosts immune function and

improves eyesight and blood quality. Known as the fountain of youth with anti aging properties.


Chia seeds  (Organic & Raw)

Contains high amounts of omega-3, fatty acids & protein, high in fiber and a low carb food,

helps clean out and improve digestive system.


Hemp Seeds  (Organic & Raw)

The most nutritious food source on the planet, containing all essential amino & fatty acids

needed for healthy living. Easily digestible protein source that keeps skin hair, nails and heart healthy


Pumpkin Seeds  (Organic & Raw)

Have anti-inflammatory properties and contain healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber known to benefit the

productivity of both heart and liver. They are a rich source of zinc which aids the immune system.


Himalayan Salt  (untreated)

Reduces inflammation in the respiratory system, helps maintain proper blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, has high mineral content and a powerful alkalizing

effect on the body.






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