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Meet Lisa,

LUV Founder

She is a super mom, a certified health coach, a toy inventor and designer who suffered from migraines for over 25 years until she discovered she could prevent them by avoiding hidden MSG ingredients in foods (visit to learn more). Knowing these ingredients were making her sick, she was inspired to learn about superfoods that would make her feel amazing!


She took her talents to her kitchen to create indulgent superfood snacks that satisfied her sweet tooth while providing nourishment and sustained energy without the sugar crash. It worked! Days came when she noticed she wasn't feeling as peppy and she realized she'd run out of her chocolates. This pattern continued and so she continued to make her chocolates for years before she finally decided to see if they would sell in a local health food store. One store, then two stores and three stores and more!


Her mission is to offer healthful indulgent treats while sharing her message about the importance of reading labels and eating clean foods to prevent health issues.


These Luv Superfoods dark chocolate snacks are not only super delicious, but they are handcrafted and made with LUV in small batches at very low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients, so you get (literally) a bigger bang for your buck!  

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