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Case Pack of 15 - Superfood Dark Chocolate Cups

Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free & DELICIOUS! Made with ORGANIC Ingredients and 10 Superfoods! By preparing our thoughtfully chosen raw superfood ingredients under low heat, we preserve the bio-availability of their living nutrients and antioxidants. This assures mazimum ingredient benefits. Raw cacao contains the natural chemical, Phenylethylamine, the same chemical our bodies make when we fall in love. Luv Superfoods Raw Chocolates provide a guilt free delicious treat. Our raw ingredients are known to increase energy, alertness, creativity, and improve mood. Research shows that these ingredients also benefit the heart, immune system, circulation, digestion, energy levels, healthy skin and even reduce cravings helping with weight loss.

Macadamia Magic (15 Pack) Superfood Dark Chocolate Cups

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